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Ellen Honert: Press

"Ellen Honert possesses a perfectly balanced alto voice that easily modulates between the many highs and lows she employs in her singing--and Breath of the Soul requires much of this from her. Softly Latin in overall character and instrumentation, this music provides a humid and languid blanket for Honert’s sensual craft...Ellen Honert is a singer’s singer. There is nothing flashy in her approach, in spite of her considerable chops. Breath of the Soul is a solidly enjoyable vocal outing.">>>For the full review click on:
"...The contemporary refrains from vocalist Ellen Honert on Breath of the Soul run smooth and sleek, and with a distinctive eloquence...That each arrangement comes with an easy swing or other natural attachment makes it easy to fall in love with the music. Honert keeps things up-close and personal with her easygoing manner and expert musicality...Breath of the Soul convinces...">>>For full review go to:
"...great tunes all inspiring and full of rich melodies. I was very impressed by Honert's talents and the range of her voice. Breath of the Soul contains very fine music and a powerful performance by a vocalist who seems perfect for the jazz setting. One heck of a debut!...">>>For the full review click on:
"...This is a brilliant new album from Ellen Honert... Breath of the Soul is an apt title, when one realizes that Ellen has squeezed the last drop of creativity, diligence and that undefinable but very crucial quality called 'individuality' generously into this album...Ellen Honert has a very individualistic approach to jazz vocals
and she seems to be cruising at top speed in the jazz universe. Good stuff. Four stars..." >>> To read the full review go to:
Max Babi - (Apr 16, 2007)
"...If the name Ellen Honert doesn't ring any musical bells for you, I'm here to change that!... Ellen Honert has great range. In her lower registers, she is reminiscent of Anita Baker, with swoops and glides and interesting timing. I love to sing along with whatever vocals I listen to, but I am unable to do this with Ellen's recordings. The originals aren't "sing-along friendly" because they are very intricate melodically, and a bit complicated to wrap the brain around. This does not make this CD unlistenable, however, quite the contrary. I couldn't wait to see what Ms. Honert would do with the next track, and the next, and so on. I was never disappointed by her originality..." >>> to read the full review go to:
"....From the land of windmills and wooden shoes to the town where Tony Bennett left his heart all those oh-so-many-years ago, vocalist/recording artist, Ellen Honert, injects mortal coil into every note on Breath of the Soul, her first CD release on Mill Station Records, that, in a few short years, brought her across The Big Pond to fulfill musically-motivated passions here in these United-or-Otherwise States....">>>For the full review click on:
New Discoveries in Jazz…Ellen Honert/Breath of the Soul

Among the stack of new CD sent to me by pianist and producer Frank Martin was a jazz vocalist I hadn’t heard of before. Being from the Bay Area originally, I thought I knew just about all the singers and players, but I was glad Frank turned me on to what was to become one of my favorite CDs of 2006. The project shows Ellen Honert’s great range of material, from Latin-tinged tunes to ballads full of emotion and nuance. Even more impressive is the musical cast of artists assisting Ellen in this date: Dori Caymmi, Tuck and Patti (who wrote the insightful liner notes), Andy Narell, Marc Russo, and members of the Turtle Island String Quartet among others. And this on a first CD!

A native of the Netherlands, Ellen attended Jazz Camp West a few summers ago and her life changed. This CD is a result of the musical and personal friendships that came from her time in the Bay Area, and also the strong and gifted hand of Frank Martin as producer and arranger of Ellen’s originals and the interesting choice of cover material. It has a confident, seasoned and balanced sound unusual for a new recording artist. I have enjoyed playing “Breath of the Soul” on KSFR here in Santa Fe, and I know my listeners have also heard something new and beautiful in the world of vocal jazz.

--Michael Handler
Jazz Writer, Downbeat Contributor, Jazz Radio Host
Michael Handler (Mar 12, 2007)
I had heard Ellen's new music in it's early stages and she was always careful to not let me hear too much of it in it's uncompleted form. I thought it was quite good and I was really impressed with the line up of musicians she had put together. Then I recieved the final package with the mixes carfully crafted and the playing and singing a touch of heaven. Beautiful songs, my god she's a writer too! So this CD is going to live in my car for a very long time. Right in the door panel, so it is easy to reach. A few months ago I got an invitation to see Ellen perform in Mill Valley CA., and I jumped at it. I was knocked out! She is the complete package. Artist, writer, performer. Ear and Eye candy at it's best!

-Jack Douglas
Producer, engineer, composer
Jack Douglas (Mar 8, 2007)

In 2008, the  song "Blue"(Honert/Martin) on the album "Breath of the Soul" received an honorable mention at the Malibu Music Awards!

- Malibu Music Awards (Aug 29, 2008)